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Our purpose is simple. Our product offerings are built to help professionals, individuals and originations to make more noteworthy progress. Individuals and professionals need to be constructive and cope with change. We enable you to improve your life a bit. We do this since we adore helping and partnering - Not for acclaim and honors.

As specialists of this, we enable individuals, professionals and organisations to experience a positive change.

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Harrison Assessments

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Competency based management

HR Plus Global Consulting Group - works with world most comprehensive and award winning assessment tool for the entire "EMPLOYEE LIFE CYCLE JOURNEY" – it's Harrison Assessments. Harrison Assessments - aligns passions with business results. It engages and helps to retain top talents and build a unique performing team with employee development. Its talent management methods and personality test align people qualification and passion towards the job roles in the organisation for Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Succession Planning, Employee Engagement, Team Development and Personal Development. Assessment determines a person’s or a talent’s specific starting point which helps the organization to take the right step towards employee job satisfaction. Jobflix - powered by Harrison Assessments is a sophisticated talent acquisition management solution designed to handle high volume recruitment applications and enhance the effectiveness in your recruitment process. Learn More

Harrison Free Sample Test

Competency Based Managment

Competency based management

Competencies at work lead to significant human resource development that provides organisations a competitive edge. This not a subject which is new and it has grown strongly since David McCelland wrote an article. Lots of HR professional and Organisation talk about it. Competencies form the bedrock for effective and superior performance.

HR Plus Global Consultancy Group Team un-complicate the subject and make it more practical, easier to operate, and simplify from the point of Employee / HR. We make the subject more user friendly. We partner you in implementing it, creating a framework, mapping competencies, creating competency dictionary, assessment methodology, conducting assessment and feedback.

Train The Trainer

Train The Trainer

A comprehensive development program which will enable new trainers to gain a strong foundation in critical training skills and seasoned trainers will be introduced to new approaches for delivering powerful and effective training programs. This program focuses on what happens before, during, and after delivery of training, and find the right solution.

Our assessment based program identifies and develops the competencies required for the most successful professionals. The Train the Trainer program is aligned with best practices in Training Delivery. A workshop based program for individuals and organisations that wish to develop and upgrade the skills of internal training team with the principles which enables - Purpose and Assessment, Planning and Preparation, Presentation and Facilitation, Performance and Evaluation.

HR Plus Global Consultancy Group makes it for you. The program emphasizes, mobilizes and develops the foundational competencies, or those that are important to everyone in the field, and servitude on specific areas of expertise.

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook is very important document and requires lots of expertise and insight. We carefully partner to design it to integrate with best HR practices, reflect your business environment, and ensure that documented company policies and guidelines are aligned with employment laws —providing value to both the employer and employee.

We ensure that is a helpful tool for employees and supervisors to understand and consistently adhere to the guidelines, legalities, policies, procedures, culture and organizational practices of the company.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Personal development in the workplace and beyond is becoming more prominent in human system and the largest of organizations. Skills such as emotional intelligence, managing (our own) behaviour, resilience and sustaining performance are an essential part of the package of skills that everybody needs today. Our challenge is not just managing and surviving change; it’s learning to live with it, use it to our advantage, and remain fully engaged and alive at all points in the journey.

Something significant needs to happen before the decision is made to invest in personal development. Transformation is not typically a project - it’s an ongoing reality.

We bring in impactful executive coaching program which leverages your coaching experience and shows you how to have purposeful, powerful coaching conversations that provide the most value to your team and the organization. This unique, assessment-based program enables you to master the skills required to be an effective coach. Guiding and helping successful leaders get even better and understanding the dynamic changes.

The executive coaching program reinforces your learning on changes of the twenty first century and can provide the critical bridge that helps to span the gap between fine and great.

Competency Based Training

Competency Based Training

Knowledge of competencies and competency modeling are increasingly important for workplace learning professionals. Most of the learning and performance professionals and their managers have encountered desired competencies or competencies modeling in their careers, but few of these professionals have had any formal training.

Competency based training (CBT) is a style what a professional can achieve in the workplace. When a professional irrespective of his / her role /profile completes a competency based training course, he / she will have the skills and knowledge that is relevant to complete specific workplace activities at an industry standard of performance, in a range of work environments and situations.

Under the CBT approach, each learner is assessed to find the gap between the competencies they need and the competencies they already have acquired.

CBT focuses on the development of the skills, knowledge, habits and attitudes required to achieve specific performance standards. A training program is therefore to be customized to help the learner acquire the missing competency.

We focus, develop and make professionals outshine with one of the most important FOUNDATIONAL competency -

Business Communication Through Inter personal Effectiveness

Communication is social interaction and can therefore be described and studied in terms of collective action and cooperation. The two most important criteria of communicative competence are effectiveness and appropriateness.

In order to explicate the concept of communicative competence, we firstly look at its behavioral basis composed of numerous communicative skills. Communication lies as a subset of styles and individual competencies. The style of communication is also very important. Communication needs to be effective in business and is the essence of business.

We believe in the field of communication the distinction of the following dimensions will be helpful - Communication as information exchange, mental-state reading and influencing, interaction and persuasion, situation management, verbal, non verbal and written, listening effectively and presenter.

Through a series of powerful innovations and researches about human behavior, communication and mutual trust amongst one individual with another - this program develops how to reinforce the trust gained, and communicate with clients on deeper, ever more subtle levels and turn objections into approval and discover a client's buying strategy in minutes.

Customer First

Customer First

“The External Customer experiences the outcome of the delivery of the Internal Service Chain.”

This program comes with excellent insights and value addition for any person who is working in corporate. It not only enhances you professionally but personally also. Whether you serve the external customer directly or indirectly it is important…do you know his expectations!

To have an effective communication what role does the receiver and sender has to play…

An experiential learning of application workshop and outdoor activities provides many an answers to your individual and team needs. It would provide you opportunities to pick and choose your takeaways. It provides a new language and fresh way to look at what you do.

Have you considered your colleague as a customer? Well the customer first program helps you to be there…!

Content Development

Content Development

Content is the King and our e-learning designers/ content developers provides a variety of experiences and expertise demonstrating on-the-job application of new concepts, models, skills, and tools. Which are precise and easy to understand and connects with realistic case studies, strategizes and planning or create action plans to be used in real work situations on the go or when in desk. We keep our learners engaged. Our unique extended learning approach ensures learners acquire the skills and tools they need, and continue to apply and integrate the learning to deliver performance improvements.

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Teaching is a creative proffesion, not a delivery system. Great teachers do (pass on information), but what great teachers also do is mentor, stimulate, provoke, engage.

- Sir Ken Robinson -


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