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The Power2 perform

We reach and partner with proven tools and mechanism, learning services, proven and measureable solutions with maximum impact.

HR Plus Global Consulting Group and Mind Fit Ltd is bringing together the best and established employee development program with are result driven, time tested proven process and methodology which drives performance of the organisation. The extensiveness and significance of our capabilities are clear in our rich, intense, material program plans that are strongly settled in exploration, yet proposed for flexible movement.

Our application-driven approach for Sales, Leadership, Self Improvement and Workforce Advancement - which addresses a full range of requirements and issues for people development which is designed by industry experts and specialists, keeping everyone in center.

You'll benefit from the outcomes of the delivered projects and learning services – that have earned us recognition quite a long time for partnering - Sales Training, Leadership development training, Re- engineering self and Workforce progression or advancement in different Organization.

  • Power to know

    Suitability Development

    Power2Know: Knowing self is better than nothing. Re-engineer yourself

    The mind is everything what you want to become – Buddha

    We at HR Plus Global Consulting Group work on more than two decades of actual workplace performance research mechanism which helps your capability or success factors to excel. It’s about your engagement, your alignment with the job role, your derailers, and your preferences – Which leads to your performance as well as Business Performance.

    What get measured can be developed, and what has been developed brings results. We build better professionals through different learning programs and workshop to meet their self expectation which drives better performance and suitability in the role. It’s not reinventing the wheel its aligning your values towards organisation values and goals.


  • Power to know

    Business Workforce Development

    Power2Achieve: Re-engineering business workforce

    Authentic marketing is not the art of selling what you make but knowing what to make – Prof Philip Kotler

    We at HR Plus Global Consulting Group take great pride in what decades ago was a radical, breakthrough approach to selling that shaped a mindset and a skill set for salespeople to create "Win-Win" outcomes. The current economic climate has created new opportunities but has also made the competitive landscape fierce.

    What differentiates the better and the best...a salesperson who is loved by clients and can land the big sale, but when it comes to implementation, he is unable to plan effectively. Or the customer service representative who knows the product backwards and forwards and can effectively communicate solutions to customers, but who cannot handle the stress and conflict inherent in the position.

    We work on the foundational competencies for a performing business work force – Teamwork, Critical Thinking, Capability and Problem solving. We do it through different workshops that will improve performance and give the business a sustainable growth. Major part of this is a conviction transformed in habit with a part of persuasion.

    We don’t end here as because we - partner PROGRESS , with CONTINNUM

  • Power to lead

    Leadership Development

    Power2Edge: Creating the momentum for leading team and Organisation

    Leadership and Learning are indispensible each other – John F Kennedy (Former President of USA)

    'Leadership' has always been a popular term. In one sense, the growth and interest in leadership might simply reflect the changing nature of managerial work.

    We at HR Plus Global Consulting Group have brought in perfect blend of - Leaders as Coach. We help leaders to develop and design “LEADERSHIP COMPASS’ for outstanding performance of their team in this globally complex and highly competitive market place for frequent changes. Leadership is born out of belief. We make it much better.

    In this series we conduct best in class workshops and learning programs through

    1. Understanding Leadership – Defining the challenge
    2. Taking up your leadership role – Prepare to lead and focusing your energy
    3. Leading through challenges – Focus through challenges
    4. Developing leaders – Investing in future and adapting leadership patterns


    Organization needs to empower leaders to run high performing teams for capability building, driving strategy, tools for knowledge building, sync with organisation goals and results. Business Performance Enhancement perfectly syncs with Leadership Performance Enhancement.

  • Transfer of learning

    Learning Services

    Power2Outshine: Helping organisations to re-describe

    HR Plus Global Consulting Group world-class learning architects who –are precise, explore the correct inquiries, discuss, derive the correct issues and openings, deliver as per expectation, interface activities to the business system, and achieve impressive results by:


    Training does not and can't happen in desolation. In actuality, "Training or Learning" is one a player in a heap of moving parts that constitute a very much an arranged and engagement activity. This is the place our consulting team bolster an all encompassing, relevant, and interconnected way to deal with the greater part of the segments, getting ready the beneficiaries of preparing, as well as the association, to accomplish the coveted outcomes. We help you rethink about learning architecture of your organisation.

    Custom Build:

    As a learning consulting firm, we are completely prepared to partner with our specialists from a wide range of controls—needs evaluation, outline and improvement, conveyance and help, training, manageability, and estimation—to manufacture a learning activity tweaked to suit your necessities which are custom fitted to the individual customer's needs, since we have discovered that “a one- scope fits-all approach” does not work for each association.

    Coach and Facilitate:

    The aptitude of our facilitators is the thing that brings our reality class content alive. Despite how classroom blocks are built. Our globally accredited and certified learning architect/ Facilitators/ Coach - engage, motivate, and build participants' confidence to acquire and use new attitudes, skills, and knowledge. Not exclusively do they know their topic back to front, they have the business insight and industry information to manufacture trust and set up believability.

    Measure and Evaluate:

    HR Plus Global Consulting Group has the expertise and experience to provide reliable data you can use to pinpoint the areas where your training investment will have the greatest payoff and to demonstrate what your employees have learned, as well as the impact on performance.

    Evaluation options include: Post-program Surveys -, Case study based reviews, Pre test and post step approach (Mobile based or computer based), Business Metrics Analysis approach- (e.g., revenue, sales productivity, target achievement), Being with the team - understand the gap and bridge it.

    Driving Results:

    HR Plus Global Consulting Group Worldwide offers a remarkable broadened learning approach that moves people from parking space to the arena. Our performance improvement supports drives people to bottom line to top line. We help our client to succeed. We partner, we help and deliver impressive results. We ACCELARTE PERFORMANCE.

  • Power to Sell

    Sales Development

    Power2Sell: The most sort time honored profession.

    In sales profession, the real work begins after the sale is made –Brain Tracy

    Whether you are just starting your sales career today or have been closing complex sales transactions for decades, this program has sales answers that can help you sell more. The needs of one individual do not have to be exactly the same as the needs of another; they must, however, be so aligned that when one individual benefits, both benefit.

    Being a successful salesperson today involves you in collaboration, facilitation, and a sense of partnership with your customer. Selling reflects wider changes in business and today goes far beyond pushing product, embracing an understanding of how organizations work management structures, psychology, and self-awareness. The concept is fairly basic: Predictable long-term revenue growth requires enduring, mutually beneficial customer relationships.

    To reach and exceed their revenue goals, salespeople need customers who value what you sell—which is ideally expressed in a clear value proposition.

    It’s extremely important for an organisation to build a productive and effective sales team to generate revenue. We at HR Plus Global Consulting Group assess, equip and develop skills of the individuals through various workshops and learning program with the best professional and talent from the industry. Mastering selling requires constant intervention and reprogramming for everything one can think about Sales.


    Mastering the World of Selling enables you to sell more, more easily.

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