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About Us

A company based on culture. It’s HR Plus Global Consulting Group

HR Plus Global Consulting Group is a worldwide leadership and human resource development consulting company. MIND FIT Ltd. based in United Kingdom - focused on business improvement through attitude change - is the global business partner with HR Plus Global Consulting Group. MIND FIT Ltd owns a leading edge in positive psychology. We step in with a simple model and approach which are delivered by best industry experts.

HR Plus Global Consulting Group and Mind Fit Ltd. is bringing together the best and established employee development program which are result driven, time tested proven process and methodology that drives performance of the organisation.

HR Plus Global Consulting Group - comes with a combined national and global work expertise of more than 30 + years in the areas of Talent Development, Learning Development, Organisation Effectiveness and People development.

A leader in knowledge and productivity improvement (KPI), a term representing the integration of two previously discrete disciplines - learning expertise and human resource development to maximised the effectiveness of human capital, processes and organisations. We are in a constant journey with organisations and share a lot of explorations here.

Plus + ═ with the addition of…You say plus to show that one number or quantity is being added to another.

Emblematically Plus + can refer to the tendency of a person or group to add success. The + indicates adding to what one have and also is the sign for “Progress” and keeping the “Momentum” up. Habits + Values drive an Individual and an organisation. Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.

The future is being built today, and HR Plus Global Consulting Group is making that future more productive, more secure and more sustainable. We are on a constant journey to discover, learn, and explore issues and opportunities faced by Global organisations. We understand that every business is unique. Our team is built to understand the unique spectrum of the business requirements by improving Individual and organisational performance.

Our solutions are built on most advanced practices with a strong backend and cutting edge technology and research support which is CLEAR - RELEVANT- ALIGNING. We encourage and partner to raise the standard, perform at a level of excellence, empower people to make good choices, unleash the true potential and facilitate excellent decision- making.“Effective planning drives strategy execution and strategically aligning organization’s human capital to your business direction is what we do.” The whole is more than the sum of its parts.


Our team works as a partner, moves in with a real life industry experience and is the most trusted resource of any organisation. We don’t impose. We work with a mindset to WIN over the challenge and recommend solutions to client partner. Once agreed on the right approach we proceed with our resources, top talents from the industry, best tools and practices and move towards the next level.

We believe and are sync with the signs = Accelerate, we partner to progress

Historical development of HR Plus Global Consulting Group – THE WAY POST


HR Plus Global Consulting Group laid foundation stone

The founders decided to bring in a world class company that can render the best human resource development practices and transform managers to great leader.

2008 - 2009

Setting the course

Started project on skill development, was able to develop 150+ skilled FF staffs for a retail company and 200+ people on computer literacy. The journey begins.

2009 - 2012

Industry interface

Moved on to different industries to gather more expertise and real life experiences to develop workforces and started taking certifications in various subjects to meet the expectations and changes in the industry.

2012 – 2015

Research and Development

Enhanced research and development in Talent Development, Learning Development and Human Resource Development space and started contributing articles to leading training journals across the globe.


Meeting the change and securing business

HR Plus Global Consulting Group steps in main stream of Learning and Human Resource Development space. Starts building network in India and abroad and delivered FIRST ever independent sessions for leading organisations in India.


Start of the journey – Launched officially

Partnering with best in class Talent Development organizations for providing BEST Solution


Mission and Purpose – Moving on…

With 30 years off accumulated expertise and creating milestones while serving fortune 500 companies the founders moves on with a mission-purpose, vision, value… VISION 2023


Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of life, the whole aim and end of human existence.

- Aristotle -


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